When and why should I take the PSAT at TP?

Generally, the PSAT is offered to 10th or 11th graders. However, due to a recent rule change at Torrey Pines, only 11th graders are eligible to take the PSAT at school. It is highly recommended that you take the PSAT, as it will allow for a baseline gauge of your abilities for the SAT/ACT exams. Additionally, high PSAT scorers will be eligible for National Merit Scholar and award merit scholarships.

The PSAT is a great primer for the SAT and even the ACT, but it’s more than just a trial run. PSAT scores are used to identify National Merit Scholars and award merit scholarships . More than 3.4 million high school students (mostly juniors and sophomores) take this nationwide, multiple-choice test every year. " - Princeton Review

Schools usually organize students to take PSAT early part of Junior year.

Usually, 1% of the students make it semi-finalists who will qualify for merit-based scholarships at different schools. The most top one is USC. If a student makes it to a semi-finalist, USC offers 50% off the tuition.

Out of the 1%, the majority will make it to finalists. And there are requirements like writing essays to be eligible for finalists.

Among the finalists, half of them are chosen for the $2500 National Merit Scholarships.

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