What math courses are recommended at TP?

If a freshman starts with Integrated Math 1 Honors at Torrey Pines, they can choose to take the Accelerated IM2/3 course or IM2H. If the student chooses to take IM2/3, the first semester will be IM2 and the second will be IM3. If a freshman has completed IM1H before entering Torrey Pines, they can either choose to take IM2/3 or continue with IM2H. There are college prep classes for all three levels of Integrated Math, along with precalculus. It is generally not possible to start Integrated Math 3 as a freshman, but exceptions and arrangements can be made through a school counselor. After completing the integrated math courses, both AP Calculus AB and BC are available to take. Most students take either AB or BC, but not both in their high school career, as some of the curriculum overlaps. In TP, college math courses Calculus CD and D/Linear Algebra are offered through SDSU/Mira Costa after completing AP’s. A student who finishes AP Calc AB will generally go into Calc CD if they want to pursue a higher level math class, and a student who finishes AP Calc BC will go into Calc D/Lin. They will have to pay (around $300 per semester) for the college curriculum, but the classes take place at the TP campus. There is also an Advanced Topics Math Class (taught by the teacher of Calculus C/D and D/Linear, offered through SDSU) which applies math to fun projects using the program Mathematica, and is different from a traditional math class. The course is available after completing AP Calculus AB or BC. AP Statistics is also offered in TP, and most students take it around their junior/senior year. There are no prerequisites to AP Statistics.

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