What is AP Capstone?

TP offers the AP Capstone program, which is a two-year long process involving two AP courses: AP Seminar and AP Research. For those who want to complete the AP Capstone Program and earn the Capstone Diploma, they must complete AP Seminar in 11th grade with a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam. Then, they need to take AP Research in 12th grade and earn a score of 3 or higher on the AP exam. Finally, they need to get a score of 3 or higher on four additional AP tests during their four years in high school. Without the additional scores, they will only earn the AP Seminar and Research Certificate. In TP, AP Seminar is only available to 11th graders, and the prerequisite for enrolling in AP Research is a 3 or higher on the AP Seminar exam after taking the course. For more information, visit https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-capstone

Haddee Team
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