What are the must-take courses if I want to Computer Science major?

AP Calc AB/BC. Calc3/Linear. AP Stats. AP CSP, CSA

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Didn’t go to CCA but went to Torrey Pines. Nevertheless, I think my advice still applies. APCSP and APCSA are helpful and help you stand out. Other math and science APs can do the do the same.

I think it is also important to focus on real experience and internships though. Then you can write these on your application and have a stronger application. Also once you get to school you will be in a stronger position for future job opportunities and doing better in early college CS classes.

These work experiences will also give you a taste for what the industry truly is so you can truly know if you want to go into it or not.

If you can’t get work experience self projects are always fun and can be mentioned on college essays if they are large projects.


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