Townsend Harris High School - How Students Get Offers From The High School Application

  1. Your Application Choices. The number of program choices you add to your application AND the order in which you place them matter! This is a factor you can control. Only apply to programs you are truly interested in attending. Add 12 choices to your application in your true order of preference. Then submit your application.
  2. Seat Availability. The number of applicants compared to the number of available seats it has helps show how in-demand (or popular) a program is.
  3. Your Priority Group for a Program. Some programs give admissions priority to specific groups of applicants before others, such as to students who live in a specific district or borough. Applicants in a program’s priority group 1 will be considered first. Then, if seats are still available, applicants in that program’s priority group 2 will be considered next, and so on. Learn which priority group you’re in for each program. You may be in different priority groups for different programs.
  4. Program’s Admissions Methods. For some programs, applicants get offers based on random selection. For other programs, applicants are evaluated based on selection criteria and then ranked based on that evaluation.
  • For Programs That Use Random Selection. Students get offers based on their randomly assigned numbers.
  • For Programs That Rank Applicants. Students are evaluated, scored, and ranked for admission based on the program’s selection criteria, such as grades and State test scores. Then school staff assigns a ranking number to applicants based on that evaluation.

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