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Syosset High School Overview

  • Location: Syosset, NY

  • Website: Syosset High School / Homepage

  • Syosset ranked by as the 23rd best school district in America, and Syosset High School is ranked as the 9th best in the state

  • Syosset High School has a 98% graduation rate, with 99% earning Regents diplomas

  • Recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a “Blue Ribbon School of Excellence” and has received the “No Place for Hate” designation from the Anti-Defamation League

SHS Extra-Curricular Clubs
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If I join a SHS sports team, how much time do I need to practice each week?

  • Varsity: Monday to Saturday - 2hours/day on average
  • JV: Mondy to Friday - 2hours/day on average

Is it difficult to join a Varsity sports team at SHS?

  • Varsity sports team have tryouts
  • difficulties varies for each team, some teams are more competitive than others


  • Fall: Badminton (Boys), Cross Country, Football, Soccer, Swimming (Girls), Tennis (Girls), Volleyball
  • Winter: Basketball, Bowling, Competitive Cheerleading, Fencing, Gymnastics, Swimming, Track, Wrestling, Winter Track, Kickline
  • Spring: Baseball, Badminton (Girls), Golf, Lacrosse, Tennis (Boys), Softball, Tack & Field

Driver’s Education

  • Driver's Education / Overview
  • Driver Education is given before and after school only and may require certain students to meet on Saturday mornings for driving practice in driver-training cars
  • Student must be a senior or a junior

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