How to sign up for college visits? l Piedmont High School

College Visits

Every year, over 120 college representatives visit PHS/MHS to speak with current students about their various colleges. Seniors are allowed to attend as many presentations as their teachers will allow, and juniors are allowed to miss class to attend up to 5 visits (you may attend more during lunch or a free period).

View the College Center Calendar to see a schedule of the many colleges visiting Piedmont High School.

Students MUST register to attend the college presentations at least 24 hours prior to the college visit.

To register, log onto Naviance and click on the “Colleges” tab. You will see a list of College Visits on the right.

When you click “View All Upcoming College Visits,” you will see a link to “Sign up.” When you click on “Sign me up,” a confirmation page will appear.

Print this confirmation page and have your teacher sign it. If you are missing class to attend, your teacher must sign this paper at least 24 hours prior to the visit! Bring this paper with you to the visit. You will be turned away if you don’t have a signed pass (unless it’s a free period for you).

If your plans change, go back into Naviance to delete your attendance reservation. Contact your counselor or the C&CC if you don’t know your Naviance account information.

Haddee Team
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