How to join Piedmont High School Parents Club?

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Join PHS Parents’ Club

Membership contributions are the sole source of money for the Parents’ Club budget, and there are a range of support levels. Each membership includes the indispensable Piedmont Student Directory, as well as varying gifts by level. Your membership funds an amazing array of “extra” academic and extracurricular activities for our students and staff… and helps to make PHS special. We encourage all families to join as a way of supporting our school. Details are on the Piedmont Store.

Parents’ Club Meetings

PHS Parent Club meetings are open to all parents and provide an opportunity to keep abreast of what’s going on at PHS. You’ll hear from our dedicated administrators and learn about school-wide initiatives and district updates, meet faculty and staff, and socialize with fellow parents. We welcome your thoughts and ideas. Meetings are typically held once a month at 9:15 AM, but also some evenings. Specific meeting dates and locations are on the Parents’ Club website, or PHS Calendar on the PHS website

PHS Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Parent involvement is essential to making PHS the outstanding school it is. Please volunteer to help out at PHS and/or consider taking on a leadership position on the Parents Club Board. Please visit the Piedmont Store to sign up for volunteering, or if you are interested in a Board position, contact any Board member listed on the Parents’ Club site.

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