RESOLVED TO ACHIEVE: Level 2 – Public Forum Debate by Ms. Luxton, Debate Coach, Judge, and Public-school Teacher (22 years)

Resolved To Achieve: Level 2 – Public Forum Debate.

Targeted Student
5th grade to 12th-grade students – native English level
This class is for any student who would like to learn the skill of debating in the style of Public Forum.

The course will meet for 60 minutes each week for 8 weeks. A Level 2 Public Forum course is also available for students who wish to pursue a more advanced understanding of this debate style. The schedule is provided at the end of this announcement.

Teacher Profile

Ms. Luxton taught Vocal/General Music, Choir, Music Theory, Public Speaking and Debate for 22 years at Pipkin Middle School in Springfield, Missouri until her recent retirement. Ms. Luxton has traveled to almost 30 countries not only as a tourist, but also as an educator, an administrator and a performer. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Vocal Music Education from William Jewell College, and her Masters Degree in Humanities Education from Drury University Ms. Luxton received her Specialist Degree in Online Education from University of Missouri-Columbia.

Ms. Luxton’s mentor in the field of debate is in the National Speech Hall of Fame and has had some of the top debaters in the country on his teams. Ms. Luxton’s students have gone on to join this outstanding debate team. She has also judged debaters up through the Regional Finals level, the winners of which move on to Nationals.

About the Class:

Level 2 – Public Forum Debate. This course is designed to

  • teach students to make an intelligent and valid argument using pathos, logos and ethos;
  • teach students proper research techniques;
  • help students understand the concept of bias;
  • help students develop good writing skills;
  • give students confidence in public speaking.

Learning the advanced strategies of Debate serves the student on multiple levels, from a rigorous academic curriculum to the experience of the thrill of competition. Equally important is the long-term impact of team camaraderie.

Students will continue to improve the writing of constructive speeches, rebuttals, etc. as part of their ongoing homework in preparation for a practice debate. In addition, they will learn new strategies that will make their debate more effective.

Students will record audio and/or video evidence of their learning.

Syllabus for Level 2:

Session 1 Review of Introductory Course Curriculum
Session 2 Topic Analysis, Definitions and Research
Session 3 Review of Arguments, Strategies, and Framework
Session 4 Case-Writing
Session 5 Rebuttal Strategies
Session 6 Calculating Impact
Session 7 Final Summary and Final Focus “The Second Half of Debate”
Session 8 Crossfire and Additional Strategies

Time offered

Program length: 8 sessions and each session is {60} {90} minutes.

New Time added for students in Asia

Program length: 8 sessions and each session is {60} minutes.

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Thank you and you will have so much fun with this amazing program!

Haddee Team