Multi-Media Graphic Design w/ Ms. Hunter [FALL2021]

Quick Info

Course: Multi-Media Graphic Design
Teacher: Ms. Hunter

Schedule(s): 1. US | Grades 7+ | 9/6-10/31, Fridays, 7:00pm CDT

Number of Live Sessions: 8
Price(s): 1. US | 320 USD

Teacher Profile

Ms. Hunter has worked as a graphic designer for 15 years and has taught graphic design and video production at Hickory Hills Middle school in Springfield, Missouri, and is currently teaching Digital Media at Verona R 7 in Verona Missouri. Ms. Hunter has received an Associates degree in Graphic Design from Ozarks Technical Community College a Bachelor of Science degree in Writing with a minor in communication from Drury University, and a Master of Art in Teaching English and Education from Missouri State University.

Ms. Hunter is an alumni of the Ozarks Writing Project and has been involved in the Springfield Writers guild, Sleuths Ink and the Ozark Romance Authors. Ms. Hunter’s students have gone on to college majoring in Graphic design and communication arts.

About the Class

Students will learn about graphic design principles, typography, color, composition, and layout. There will be videos with questions through Edpuzzle to watch, I will share my screen and demonstrate “how to” do the assignment, I will answer any questions, and then the student will do the hands-on project with detailed instructions in order to learn how to use some different elements of Photoshop. Students will submit projects which will be critiqued in order to learn how to improve their work. Students will need to have some familiarity with computers, and basic computer tool use. Students will need access to Photoshop.

Software Needed

Adobe photoshop

Week 1:
Introduction to the tool pallet and menus. Assignment Using layers and cutting out backgrounds. The objective of this project is to obtain a better understanding of Photoshop Layers by creating the layers of a sandwich on a plate. Utilizing layers effectively is a key skill to have in order to create efficient and fully editable graphics. If layers are not used effectively, it can be detrimental to the success of your project.

Week 2:
The importance of good Typography. Assignment Andy Warhol project. In this project, you are going to paint several renditions of a picture of yourself or a pet and arrange it in a grid. A famous artist that used this technique to develop pop art advertising is Andy Warhol. We are going to mimic this technique to create an original, personal piece of art.

Week 3:
Using color in design. Assignment Black and white to color. In this project, you will learn how to use the selection and coloring tools of Photoshop to add a splash of color to a black and white photo. The overall goal is to bring a dull photo back to life by accurately coloring the components to make them seem life-like.

Week 4:
Layout and composition. Reflection project. Create a stage and a background for your products. You can create a color background with highlight and add a filter. Place at least three different objects on the stage, the manufacturer logo on the wall, and create a reflection on the stage for each item that touches the stage. All of the products must be made by the same manufacturer. Make sure you orient the objects in the most appealing way and make them look good! All objects that are on the stage must reflect.

Week 5:
Picture Letters Project. Using the layer mask technique in Photoshop is often used for placing part of an image inside a particular selection on your canvas. A good example of this is fitting pictures inside letters of a word or phrase.

Week 6:
Gradient Mask Project. Use the directions from the Gradient Mask (Mozart) tutorial that demonstrates how to use gradients with a layer mask to create 2 advertising ads of different events of your choice.

Week 7:
Studio Portrait Project. Professional photographers use a tarp or a background behind their subject when taking portraits of people or objects. There is a way to simulate this effect in Photoshop. There are two tutorials that will visually walk you through how to make a soft edge studio background and a tarp studio

Week 8:
Digital Media Banner. Banners are used the professional world to showcase or display company information. Banners can be printed or on-line like those found on websites. You are going to create a web banner for Digital Media

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