Machine Learning Programs offered by NexStream Technical Institute

Dandan Pan, Founder of, is also a co-founder of NexStream Technical Institute. Hence this unique program is shared here.

NexStream’s curriculum development is led by Mr. Mauro who has been teaching Computer Science and Engineering classes at Canyon Crest Academy, #1 in Best Public High Schools in California**: Canyon Crest Academy in San Diego, CA - Niche

Stream offered: Machine Learning

Students Level: G8 ~ G12 (Need to be G8 in the incoming Fall Semester)

Education Format: Small-size live sessions (up to 8 students)

High Teacher -to-Student Ratio: 2 ~ 4 Teachers or TA to up to 8 students

Live-session length: weekly 90-minutes session

Total courses included: 35 courses (From ML100 to ML200 to ML300…)

Detailed Zoom Open House Recording: NexStream Zoom Open House on Machine Learning for School Students (K8 to K11) - YouTube

Program Uniqueness: Self-paced and Project Based

Live Session Format: Students will work with the instructor and their assistants to do group activities for 20 minutes or so and then they will be learning Machine Learning on our educational platform (pre-course exams, lectures, assignments, quizzes, projects). While learning this material, students have access to teachers to ask questions via Zoom, Discord video chat, live chat, etc.

Teachers or TAs can organize break-out sessions to explain a difficult concept to 1 student or multiple students.

Assignment: Each unit has an assignment that will be graded by our instructor

Quizzes: Each unit has quizzes embedded in the curriculum to make sure master what they have learned.

Homework outside the Live session: The program is self-paced. If students want to learn outside live sessions, they can, but it is not required.

Hardware needed: please view the list for the hardware needed: NexStream | Machine Learning Program Details

Flexibility: The student pays for the monthly subscription to study with us. If they get really busy, they can pause the subscription for a month or multiple months. Since this is a self-paced program, they can come back at any time and continue learning with NexStream.

Skills trained: Software, Hardware, project-debugging, collaborative, and leadership skills

Development Environment: Accessing, Zoom, Google, and Discord is a must. VPN is recommended for students who want to access these sites if they live in mainland China.

Payment method: Monthly Subscription of $240 to access live session and the assigned curriculum/projects. Parents must register first at: and they click Streams on the top right corner to proceed with payment. Payment is charged on the 28th of each month. No matter which day parents sign up, the credit card charge will go through and a receipt will be received on the 28th of each month. To cancel, please let us know by the 25th of each month: NexStream | Contact Us

For more program details, please visit: NexStream | Machine Learning Program Details

At NexStream, a variety of internship opportunities are available: NexStream | Internship Opportunities

Thank you!

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Thank you and you will have so much fun with this amazing program!

Haddee Team