Humanity Subjects Academic Coaching & AP / SAT / ACT / SSAT / PSAT Prep by Ms. Pont

Ms. Pont is a college counselor and a writing teacher. In addition to teaching writing courses at all levels, she has visited hundreds of universities around the world and has experienced much success guiding students through the college preparation and application process. She coaches students to achieve at the highest levels throughout their high school careers and helps prepare applications that allow students to stand out from their peers. Assisting students in writing authentic and compelling college essays is her specialty. In the past three years, she has helped students earn admission to Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Princeton University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Williams College, among other prestigious schools.

Please review the list of schools that Ms. Pont’s students are accepted into for the latest 3 years.
College Acceptances 2018-2020.pdf (66.0 KB)

Ms. Pont received her BA in English from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and her MFA in creative writing from Penn State University. She has taught AP English Language and Composition as well as AP English Literature and Composition; she has coached students on the verbal portions of the ACT and the SAT. Certified to teach ESOL, she has worked with international students from all over the world.

Ms. Pont has made a career of helping students meet their educational goals. She sets high standards for her students, and she finds the means for the students to meet those standards. Along the way, she does everything in her power to ensure that the students become self-aware and confident.

Humanity Subjects & AP / SAT / ACT / SSAT / PSAT Tutoring / Coaching by Ms. Pont
Subject Teaching / Tutoring including Live sessions and project/assignment coaching/editing. Subject needs are mutually agreed upon. Any subject listed can be tutored.

• Scholastic Writing Competition Prep
• AP Language
• AP World History
• AP US history
• Social Sciences
• SAT Verbal
• ACT Verbal
• SSAT Verbal
• PSAT Verbal
• English
• Reading
• Writing

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