Game Design for Beginners by Mr. Cai

Game Design for Beginners by Mr. Cai
The goal is to teach kids to design games and start their own ventures.

At the end of the Project, students will design a game!
The program is suitable for students with some Python background or without any Python background. Mr. Cai has a plan to teach both types of students and have them collaborate on the project.

Targeted Students:
G6 to G9

Friday and Saturday: 3:00pmPDT to 4:00pm PDT
Dates: 6/25/2021 to 8/18/2021
Live sessions: 16
Minutes per Live Session: 60

Minimum # of students: 4
Maximum # of students: 8

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This class is for any student who desires to learn python and game development in the python coding environment through pygame.

The course will meet for 60 minutes each week for 16 weeks.

Teacher Profile

Mr. Cai graduated with a bachelors from UCSD in 2 years with a major in Cognitive Science (Machine Learning and Neural Computation). His background is in Artificial intelligence which has bolstered his coding ability. He developed his first game through scratch, a 2d platformer based around avoiding accelerating obstacles in highschool. Mr. Cai continued to develop games in java and python. He currently coaches two entrepreneurship teams in game development, one is developing an fps style battle royale tank shooter while the other is developing a storybook game.

About the Class:

This course is designed to

  • teach students core python coding tools such as operators, conditionals, for and while loops;
  • teach students how to import and apply python libraries;
  • help students consolidate and solidify ideas while designing game;
  • help students develop and understand the math involved in game development;
  • give students the tools to produce their own games in the future.

The course will be student-driven in the sense that instead of the teacher lecturing the entire time, it will be taught through a student sharing their screen as the teacher guides them through the process. Screen shares for the day will rotate among the students to ensure active engagement. This approach ensures that the students are engaged and understand the material. Note the material is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher.

Syllabus for the Program:

  • Session 1 Introductions and Python coding environment setup (Anaconda Navigator)
  • Session 2 Introduction to Python (variables, operators, conditionals, functions)
  • Session 3 Introduction to Python II (while/for loops, lists, input(), return, break)
  • Session 4 Python minigame development
  • Session 5 Python libraries (numpy, pandas, pygame, random, etc;)
  • Session 6 Game Design ideology
  • Session 7 Setting up and understanding Pygame
  • Session 8 Math and logic behind game mechanics
  • Session 9 Game Concept and Mechanics
  • Session 10 Game Updating Positions
  • Session 11 Game Development
  • Session 12 Game models
  • Session 13 Math and logic behind game mechanics
  • Session 14 What makes a good game? How to engage players?
  • Session 15 Testing Game
  • Session 16 Final additions

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Thank you and you will have so much fun with this amazing program!

Haddee Team