Critical Writing Immersion w/ Ms. Miano [FALL2021]

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Course: Critical Writing Immersion
Teacher: Ms. Miano

Schedule(s): 1. US | Grades 7+ | 9/7-12/23, Thursdays, 5pm PDT
2. Asia | Grades 7+ | 9/7-12/23, Thursdays, 7pm Beijing Time

Number of Live Sessions: 16
Price(s): 1. US | 640 USD
2. Asia | 4768 RMB

About the Teacher

Ms. Miano is a writer and teacher from New York. Ms. Miano holds a BA in English Literature from North Carolina State University, with minors in Journalism, Creative Writing, and Art History. While completing an MA in Creative and Critical Writing in England, Ms. Miano studied under the then UK Poet Laureate and the late great German writer, W. G. Sebald. Her two novels, Encyclopaedia of Snow and Van Rijn (for which she won the UK Arts Council Award), were published to wide international acclaim in 11 countries. In addition to her fiction, Ms. Miano’s literary criticism, arts, culture and travel articles, as well as restaurant reviews, have appeared in prestigious journals and newspapers, such as The Times, Guardian, Observer and Telegraph. Book tours, lectures and readings have taken her across the globe. An avid traveller, explorer, and educator, Ms. Miano has cultivated a skill for teaching in a diversity of places and settings, whether in classrooms or in-person. She has offered group classes and private one-on-one coaching for more than 15 years. Through her work for Alo7 and The Walrus School, Ms. Miano has conducted numerous online lessons with both children and adults. She is passionate about teaching creative and critical writing across a variety of genres, from stories to feature articles, poetry to critical essays. Ms. Miano welcomes students of all skill levels and experience, a diversity of backgrounds, races, cultures and gender identities. She currently lives in Buenos Aires, where she’s working on her forthcoming book, Buffalo Wings, and learning the tango.



Crazy God, a collaboration with photographer Yvonne de Rosa, Damiani, Italian & English, April 2008

Van Rijn, a historical novel, published by Picador Macmillan UK, 2007

Encyclopaedia of Snow, a novel, published by Picador Macmillan UK, 2003


Review of the Walter Benjamin archive at Le Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaïsme, Paris, FR, Paris Update, 2011

“Honey and Spice and All Things Nice”, restaurant review of Miel et Paprika, Paris, FR, Paris Update, 2011

Review of “The Sorrows of An American” by Siri Hustvedt, The Times, London, 23 May 2008

“A Radical in the Garden”, on Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier, The Times, London, March 2007

“The Traveller,” preview of the art exhibition Waterlog, The Guardian, London, February 2007

“Photographic Memories,” review of Moral Disorder by Margaret Atwood, The Times, London, September 2006

“Betrayal of a Blood Brother”, interview with Spanish author Javier Marías, The Observer, London, May 2005

Class Description

Do you find yourself advocating or opposing a particular brand, device, app, software or product? Do you blog about your favorite ideas, styles, movies, but can’t find the right words? Do you want to take your critique to the next level? If you fashion yourself as a critic, then this is the course for you! Our hybrid reading and writing course is designed for students of intermediate or advanced levels who want to articulate their unique tastes and alternative takes. This class will open up opportunities in blogging for companies, start-ups, and organizations across a variety of media. It’s also ideal for those studying STEM or wanting to pursue an interdisciplinary course of college study. Each class we’ll compose a critique using the concise techniques and methods learned. Students are encouraged to bring an idea for a specific project, or series of projects within a specific field) to work towards completion of. Students will exercise their “inner critic” while honing their ability to communicate messages in a methodical, accurate and reasoned manner. Students will take turns submitting a piece for consideration, which we’ll discuss collectively in an objective, intensive setting. Constructive, in-depth feedback will be provided by teacher and fellow students.


  • Understand genre conventions of critical writing
  • Recognize and document essential information
  • Formulate opinions based on relevancy
  • Methodically approach ways to communicate messages
  • Formulate and express a clear opinion on content
  • Apply standards for reasoned judgement based on analysis
  • Provide evidence to support statements
  • Proofread and edit critical work


— In-depth engagement with material
— Thorough research and understanding around topic and content
— Cite and reference sources accurately
— Utilize information to concretely support a view or argument
— Communicate an understanding of content to suit a purpose and target audience
— Apply reflective practice that connects academic study with practical experience
— Anchor theory and learning towards completion of a major project or thesis
— Application of writing and reading for advanced STEM and SAT / ACT
— Command of critical writing to allow ample opportunities in blogging for all types of companies across a variety of media


  1. Successful vs. Unsuccessful Critical Writing
  2. Proper research and sourcing
  3. Opinions vs. Facts
  4. Remaining Objective
  5. Fiction/Non-fiction
  6. Movies/TV Series
  7. Restaurants/Coffeehouses/Take-Out
  8. Tech/Gaming/Apps
  9. Albums/Music/Entertainers
  10. Art: Museums/Galleries/Artist
  11. Theater/Dance/Drama
  12. Clothing/Collections/Cosmetics/Beauty
  13. Travel/Vacation spots/Resorts/Spas/Hotels/Attractions
  14. Using Humor and Persona
  15. Expressing Honesty (Avoiding Scathing or Nasty)
  16. Critiquing the Critic/ Censorship & Cancel Culture


16-week Course

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