College Counseling Services by Ms. Pont

Ms. Pont is a college counselor and a writing teacher. In addition to teaching writing courses at all levels, she has visited hundreds of universities around the world and has experienced much success guiding students through the college preparation and application process. She coaches students to achieve at the highest levels throughout their high school careers and helps prepare applications that allow students to stand out from their peers. Assisting students in writing authentic and compelling college essays is her specialty. In the past three years, she has helped students earn admission to Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Princeton University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Williams College, among other prestigious schools.

Please review the list of schools that Ms. Pont’s students are accepted into for the latest 3 years.
College Acceptances 2018-2020.pdf (66.0 KB)

Ms. Pont received her BA in English from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and her MFA in creative writing from Penn State University. She has taught AP English Language and Composition as well as AP English Literature and Composition; she has coached students on the verbal portions of the ACT and the SAT. Certified to teach ESOL, she has worked with international students from all over the world.

Ms. Pont has made a career of helping students meet their educational goals. She sets high standards for her students, and she finds the means for the students to meet those standards. Along the way, she does everything in her power to ensure that the students become self-aware and confident.

College Counselling Services

Planning and coaching throughout the entire high school (from the agreement Signed Date to May 1st of the Graduation Year)

No set college numbers included in the service package and the school number is mutually agreed upon.

Communication sessions (live Zoom sessions, emails, Forum, texting, WeChat) are mutually agreed upon and mutually convenient.

Planning of course selection for each academic term, as well as the creation of a four-year plan

Planning extracurricular activities and pathways of extracurricular interests with the student: research, competitions, clubs, volunteering, internships, etc.

Planning extracurricular classes with the student – academic and practical courses

Planning and coach summer program applications if applicable.

Helping review correspondences to teachers/school counselors/internship coordinators/award applications if needed

Planning final college application list. The final school list will be approved by both students and parents.

Brainstorming the ideas of the Common Application essay as well as Supplemental Essays with the student.

Editing any necessary informational documents regarding letters of recommendation (BRAG Packet, etc).

Ensuring students are timely with all their submission deadlines.

Editing all the essays before submission.

Ensure all the applications are complete and stellar before submission.

Preparing students for college interviews

Helping students decide college decisions

Seeking scholarship opportunities if applicable

Coach for additional ideas for wait-listed schools and review respective correspondences

Secondary School (Private) Application Counselling Services.
All above services with respect to secondary/private school application.
Help parents prepare their personal statements for schools.

To book an initial consultation with Ms. Pont, please contact us:
858 449 9689
WeChat: pdd1happy

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Thank you and you will have so much fun with this amazing program!

Haddee Team

Testimonials from Ms. Pont’s students:


Ms. Pont provided me with significant support during my college application. Based on my circumstances, she recommended many perfect-match college choices to me, greatly inspired the writing of my college essays, and tirelessly revised and refined my essays. As a college counselor, she was willing to befriend with her students so that she could provide personalized support for their essays. It was her passion, responsibility, and profound experience in college counseling that enabled me to get into my dream school. - Ray C.
University of Chicago Class of '21

“More than any other teacher in my life, Ms. Pont encouraged me to think grandly about my future, and to take concrete steps to realize my academic dreams. She has a rare gift for listening to students and engaging them on their level. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” - Carter H., Amherst College '10, Harvard Law School '15.

Ms. Pont is a treasure trove of helpfulness; she got to know me and put all of her effort into helping me present my applications in the best way possible, and I’m so grateful she did. Nehal M, Case Western Reserve University, '20

Ms. Pont是对我帮助最大的人之一。她对学生的耐心和对工作的热情陪伴我度过了大学申请的难关。“高效率”是她给我最大的感受。每一次我写完作文或者其他的东西想让她帮我检查,她总是能在第一时间给出她的建议。因为我总是能马上得到反馈,我可以一直不停的修改直到最好的为止。我比其他人能更早申请完大学就是因为这一点。除此以外,她的人格真的让我享受和她在一起的时光。她的幽默感和对个人的关心照顾使她远远不止是一个帮助你申请大学的顾问,而是一个你什么都可以和她聊的朋友。

Ms. Pont is definitely the biggest helper in the world. Her patience and passion for the job helped me get through the hard process of college applications. “Efficient” is my biggest impression of her. Whenever I finished something and wanted her to help me check it, she always gave me the advice right away. Because I kept getting feedback immediately, I was able to make changes continuously without waiting. And that’s why I finished my college application earlier than lots of other people. Besides that, her personality made me enjoy my time with her. HUMOR and CARE makes Ms. Pont not only your college counselor, but also a good friend you want to sit down and chat with.

Shengfang L. Pratt Institute of Art, Class of '22

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More Testimonial:

As she proved time and again while working with our two polar opposite children, Ms. Pont is the consummate, organized professional every family needs. She will meet each child where they are and take on the challenge of shepherding each through their highly individualized journeys. Like the nonpareil mentor, coach and teacher she is, Ms. Pont instinctively knows how to keep a student on task while maintaining their equilibrium. It is worth emphasizing that there are neither guarantees nor full-proof routes through the maze of the college application process. However, as parents of two students who have benefitted immeasurably from her process, we can attest that you need a person who will look at each child to focus specifically on their distinct needs and goals. No one could or would bring more passion and empathy to this process than Ms. Pont. No one could or would put you more at ease with her encyclopedic knowledge than Ms. Pont. No one could or would put more energy or devotion into matching a child’s specific interests and abilities with a path that will meet their distinct needs. It has been an immense privilege to have Ms. Pont leading our charge to two successful and highly satisfactory outcomes.

-Mary and Paul J, parents of Colette J, Cornell University ‘25, and Michael J, Columbia University ‘21

Ms. Pont’s command of the English language is nothing short of virtuosic and she possesses a supreme knowledge of the college admissions process. Throughout the emotionally exhausting months of the application season, Mrs. Pont was a beacon of hope and support. She is simply the best. There really is no other way of putting it.

  • William X, Stanford University '23

Ms. Pont will go to any length to ensure that her students succeed. She is very honest in her assessments and can analyze any student and have a really accurate picture of who they are and how and where they will succeed. She has gotten to know so many students over the years and has a very clear picture about the entire college process.

She understands the students so well and has talent in inspiring and putting her students on a path right for them. She has this very detailed mental landscape of how the students function and how each school would be a fit for them.

She has helped me put together applications to over 15+ schools and was always one text message away every time I needed help. She knew exactly the things about each school that I liked and how I would fit in at each place.

She even could extrapolate things about myself that I didn’t even realize. I would highly recommend Ms. Pont to any student seeking help with the college planning and application process.

Working with Ms. Pont has made me feel so much better, confident, and less lost and has given me more direction in my journey.

— Liam T., University of Michagan, Ann Arbor, accpeted for EA, Class of 2025