College Counseling Service by Ms. Anton

Here is Ms. Anton’s sharing on college application process. Please watch the 2nd Part. 1st Part is sharing from our experienced SAT/ ACT Test Prep teacher, Mr. Lawrence: SAT/ACT Prep + College Counseling with Haddee | Q+A - YouTube
Mr. Lawrence’s introduction is here:

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Ms. Anton is a college counselor who enjoys helping students find their best fit for college so that they will achieve their maximum potential in life. She has years of experience working with students in very rigorous academic environments, which serves her well in helping college-bound teens under pressure, She seeks to encourage students and keep them on track in a way that is motivating, rather than just another source of stress. By arming students and their parents with information that is both current and accurate, Ms. Anton demystifies the increasingly complicated world of college admissions. Getting to know the interests and dreams of her students and their parents allows her to best support them in their path to college, all while fostering independence in students.

Ms. Anton has a BA in Political Science from Arizona State University and an English and Secondary Education from Georgia State University. Since 2012, she has served as a college counselor in private schools, and she has also taught English Literature and Composition, as well as ESOL.

Throughout the years, Ms. Anton has been mainly working for private schools as Co-director of College Counseling. She also practiced independently for a couple of years. She is a colleague and friend of Ms. Pont and has in-depth experience with schools around the country. Ms. Pont strongly recommended her as Ms. Pont would not be able to take on more rising senior students. Ms. Pont sets a very high bar for Haddee’s college counseling services and Ms. Pont has deep confidence that Ms. Anton will provide similar of services as she does.

Please review the list of schools that Ms. Anton’s students are accepted into for the latest 5 years:
College Acceptances 2017-21.docx (14.3 KB)

College Counselling Services

Planning and coaching throughout the entire high school (from the agreement Signed Date to May 1st of the Graduation Year)

No set college numbers included in the service package and the school number is mutually agreed upon.

Communication sessions (live Zoom sessions, emails, Forum, texting, WeChat) are mutually agreed upon and mutually convenient.

Planning of course selection for each academic term, as well as the creation of a four-year plan

Planning extracurricular activities and pathways of extracurricular interests with the student: research, competitions, clubs, volunteering, internships, etc.

Planning extracurricular classes with the student – academic and practical courses

Planning and coach summer program applications if applicable.

Helping review correspondences to teachers/school counselors/internship coordinators/award applications if needed

Planning final college application list. The final school list will be approved by both students and parents.

Brainstorming the ideas of the Common Application essay as well as Supplemental Essays with the student.

Editing any necessary informational documents regarding letters of recommendation (BRAG Packet, etc).

Ensuring students are timely with all their submission deadlines.

Editing all the essays before submission.

Ensure all the applications are complete and stellar before submission.

Preparing students for college interviews

Helping students decide college decisions

Seeking scholarship opportunities if applicable

Coach for additional ideas for wait-listed schools and review respective correspondences

To book an initial consultation with Ms. Anton, please contact us:
858 449 9689
WeChat: pdd1happy

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Thank you and you will have so much fun with this amazing program!

Haddee Team

Ms. Pont 今年申请大学的学生已经满了,我们要对学生负责, 每个年级的学生有上限。还有不少Rising Senior 的家长来找我们, Ms. Pont 推荐了她的同事, Ms. Anton, Ms. Anton, 一直在高中做 Co-Director of College Counselling, 自己也出来做过几年独立的大学申请顾问, 对美国的中学和大学都非常熟悉。Ms. Anton 也是英语老师出生, 所以大学申请规划,和最后的文书她都管到底。 她的经历,请看 此链接: College Counselling Service by Ms. Anton Ms. Anton 下个星期有时间提供免费咨询。 大家有兴趣可以在我们网站上约一下。我跟Ms. Pont 说过, 推荐的顾问一定要跟 Ms. Pont 一样的优秀, 和对学生200% 的关心。 Ms. Anton 就是这样一位老师。