Building the Foundation for Reading and Writing by Ms. Thompson (20 years of teaching experiences)

Course name: Building the Foundation for Reading and Writing
Grades: G4 to G6 native-speaking level

Dates: 6/28 to 8/18

Days of the week: Monday and Wed.

Time: 5:00pm PDT / 8pm EST / Next Day: 8:00am Beijing Time

Total of 16 live sessions

The assignment will be provided after each live session.

Fee: USD $640

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About the Teacher

Ms. Talera Thompson is an English Language Arts (ELA) teacher. She has been educating students for over 20 years. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys interacting with her students. She motivates her students to learn and encourages them to appreciate the education. She also helps students to raise their academic reading and writing levels, as well as enhance their vocabulary.
In Ms. T. Thompson’s class, students will learn in various ways, to include: cooperative learning, whole-class instruction, pairing students, one-on-one instruction, and intermingling with educational games.

During Ms. T. Thompson’s tenure as an educator, she has earned the Star teacher award, she has helped 100% of her students pass the Florida State standardized writing exam, and she has earned high markings on her teacher evaluation assessments yearly. In the 2020-21 academic school year during this most challenging and unprecedented time, Ms. T. Thompson was tasked to teach Face to Face students in the classroom and Online students simultaneously, yet she earned the highest marks on her teacher evaluation in comparison to all of the ELA teachers on her team.
Ms. T. Thompson has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Indiana University. Her discipline is English Language Arts. As well, she has a Master’s Degree in Education from Troy University. Throughout her 20 years of experience, she has taught on various academic levels: elementary, middle school, high school, and college.
Ms. T. Thompson not only helps students achieve academically, she also helps to nurture her students to become confident and well-rounded learners. As well, her class environment is geared in a manner where all students can feel comfortable and safe while learning.

OVERVIEW: The highest priority is the student.
Instruction and learning in each class is one hour per session. The goal of the course is to develop mastery in reading and writing through Close Read activities and academic games.
Students will write informative and explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly. They will develop the topic with facts, definitions, concrete details, and quotations, and examples to show evidence related to the topic. They will use precise language and specific vocabulary to inform and explain the topic.

Grammar: Proper grammar will be one of the main focuses in teaching students to write correctly. Students will be taught to use proper English grammar to include but is not limited to the use of subject/verb agreement, pronouns, verbs, and adverbs.

Writing: Students will learn and practice how to write simple sentences and complex sentences using conjunctions, correct punctuation, appropriate punctuation marks, and proper grammar. Further, students will learn to locate, analyze, and incorporate textual evidence that supports their written and spoken responses in connection to reading passages.

Reading: Students will read fiction and non-fiction short stories. When reading, students will make connections between the text of a story, passage, or visual presentation of a text. Students will draw conclusions, make inferences, summarize, and make connections. Students will be taught different literary terms and vocabulary words in connection with the text. Students will practice reading aloud and reading independently to develop tone and fluctuations in their voices while reading.

Students will learn and practice various literary terms such as: cause/effect, compare/contrast, imagery, figurative language, tone, mood, character traits, inference, and irony. Students will identify character traits and describe characters’ thoughts, words, and/or actions.
Learning Styles: Students will engage in whole-class discussions related to reading passages and short stories. As well, they will participate in writing activities within small group settings, whole group settings, and independently.

Teaching approach:

The assignment for the students will be the same even if the grade level will be mixed from the 3rd to the 5th. The difficulty will be toward the higher level and Ms. Thompson will ask lower-grade students simple questions and ask complex questions to higher-grade level students.

Student Outcome:
By the end of this course, students will be properly prepared and more confident for their next grade level of school in the core subject area of English Language Arts. They will have more enhanced skills in speaking and writing, in regards to proper grammar usage and sentence structure. They will be well-versed in the usage of the common literary terms of English Language Arts. They will have a more profound understanding of how to read with rhythm and tone. They will also be more developed in their social skills.

Summer Reading List:

Reading List: This morning I was able to find some short stories for al grade levels. That said, it is likely that I will use the stories that are on this list, because they coincide well with literary terms and they are fun and interesting.

3rd Grade
• A House of Memories
• A Load of Croutons
• Ada Falls
• Amusement Park Problem
• Hats in Harvard
• Helping Hally
• Max’s Good Habit
• May the Best Prankster Win
• The Doctor Who Saved London
• Force
• The Plant Doctor
• What Are Clouds
• The Bee
• Life Cycles
• Healthy Muscles Matter

4th Grade
• Left Out
• Emma’s Favorite Restaurant
• First Day
• Fun Camp
• The Gladiator’s Son
• Liza’s First Spelling Bee
• Mouse Madness
• The Singing Plants

• Ballet
• Fire Fighters
• Clara Barton: A Civil War Hero
• Rocks
• Waves
• Survival in the Wild
• Three Branches of the Treehouse Society
• Rosa Parks Takes a Stand

5th Grade
• Best Friend Blues
• Dinner Disasters
• After the Flood
• Finders Keepers
• Bring Your Pet Day Disasters
• Fossil Mystery
• The Goose Voyage
• Jump Around
• The Best Vacation Ever

• Henry Ford Motors
• Horses
• Mechanic Engineering
• How to Care for a Pet Fish
• What Police and Detectives Do
• Curious About Teachers
• Space-based Astronomy

Students’ evaluations of Ms. Thompson.

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