Beginner's Spanish w/ Mr. Burgoon [FALL2021]

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Course: Beginner’s Spanish
Teacher: Mr. Burgoon

Schedule(s): 1. US | 9/6-12/24, Tuesdays, 9:00pm EST

Number of Live Sessions: 16
Price(s): 1. US | 640 USD

Teacher Profile

I am a 41-year-old educational expert born in the beautiful country of Costa Rica. With dual citizenship, I am a native of both English and Spanish. I have been in the Education World for the past 20 years. Having earned my undergraduate degree in Business Administration and my Graduate degree in Business and Marketing, I dedicated myself to working for big corporations like Oracle and IBM. Not having found my real passion, I took up teaching Spanish and English to small children. Little by little I started getting more involved and found that it was what I really loved.

Having taught in +5 Language Institutes, I decided to move on to Higher Education and started teaching at various prestigious Universities here in Costa Rica: Interamerican University of Costa Rica, Latin American University, Ulacit University, American University and Fidelitas University, and I have not stopped since. I teach Spanish to foreigners through International Programs as well as teaching Business and Marketing as well.

I also earned my Master’s Degree in Educational Management learning new teaching techniques and methodologies. My classes are fully immersive and interactive where we build the lessons together and the knowledge is acquired constructively and above all we have fun!!



-Understand and use expressions that are very frequently used in everyday situations, as well as simple phrases designed to satisfy immediate needs.

-Introduce yourself and others, ask for and give basic information about your address, your belongings, and the people you know.

-Conduct a basic conversation with your interlocutor as long as he cooperates and expresses himself slowly and clearly.

-Use Spanish to carry out simple and everyday tasks that do not require more than simple and direct exchanges of information on familiar and common issues.

Course Objective in Spanish: Objetivos del Curso

-Comprender y utilizar expresiones de uso muy frecuente en situaciones cotidianas, así como frases sencillas y destinadas a satisfacer necesidades de tipo inmediato.

-Presentarse a sí mismo y a otros, pedir y dar información básica sobre su domicilio, sus pertenencias y las personas que conoce.

-Relacionarse básicamente con su interlocutor siempre y cuando éste coopere y se exprese de manera lenta y clara.

-Usar el español para llevar a cabo tareas simples y cotidianas que no requieran más que intercambios sencillos y directos de información sobre cuestiones que le son conocidas y habituales.

Spanish Beginner Class Syllabus.pdf (143.7 KB)

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