Advanced Reading & Writing by Ms. Pont - Tue/Thu, 6/22~8/12, 16 Sessions

Advanced Reading and Writing

Sessions I and II

by Ms. Pont

Target Students: G8-G12
Sessions: 16
date: 6/22-8/12, 2021
Tuesday and Thursday, 20:00pm Beijing, China time
Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00am ET/5:00amPT

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Course Description

These two courses will provide close studies of the themes of the most influential writers of literature. We will read four genres - fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and formal speeches - to fully grasp how the use of language changes from genre to genre. We will write also work through the steps of the writing process to become fluent and fluid in the following writing approaches:

Analytical Writing

Persuasive Writing




Session I will focus on fiction and poetry while Session II will focus on creative nonfiction and formal speeches. Session I is NOT a prerequisite for Session II.

Required Materials

The readings will be posted in Haddee; please be prepared to discuss in class every day.


Nadine Gordimer

Ernest Hemingway

Haruki Murakami


Donald Hall

Mary Oliver

William Shakespeare

Creative Nonfiction

Ta Na-hesis Coates

Annie Dillard

Virginia Woolf


John F. Kennedy

Madeleine Albright

Abraham Lincoln

Learning Outcomes

In this class we’ll work toward sharpening our perception as readers, with the ultimate goal of improving as thinkers and writers. We’ll learn key terminology and apply it to works of literature. We’ll develop the comfort and confidence to read anything - no matter how challenging - with comfort and confidence.

Above all, we will learn to write about writing with clarity and insight. We will learn to express themes clearly and to describe literary techniques with a full understanding of how writing - at the highest level - works. We will understand the difference in different approaches to writing, and how to manipulate language accordingly.

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Thank you and you will have so much fun with this amazing program!

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