2021 Summer Online Course with Westview High School Teachers

Mr. Wenger
AP English and Honors English teacher at Westview High School
Westview 2010 Teacher of the Year
26 years of teaching English in PUSD
College Board AP English Language and Composition official essay reader
Faculty advisor of Westview’s nationally acclaimed newspaper, The Nexus, and Currents yearbook
Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Chapman University

Mr. McHeffey
AP English Literature, Honors Humanities, and Writing seminar teacher at Westview
National Board Certified Teacher (twice)
35 years teaching high school English courses ;33 years of teaching English in PUSD
College Board AP English Literature reader
Member of San Diego Area Writing Project and National Writing Project
Graduated from Stanford University

Course descriptions:
#1: For students who are entering 9th grade or beyond: Preparation for High School English
This course will focus on preparing students for success in high school English classes. In high
school, students are taught to think and write in ways that are new to many of them, so this
course will focus on introducing and developing the skills necessary for success in English classes
throughout high school and college, while building on the critical thinking and communication
skills that are important for success in the world today. With a special focus on developing
students’ ability to read with a discerning and critical eye, students will be instructed in literary
analysis and argumentation while also gaining a broader appreciation for the techniques of
good writing.
In this course, students will read two novels in addition to some short stories, poetry, and brief
non-fiction texts. All reading material will be provided, with the exception of the two novels,
which students will need to purchase. One of the novels will be read prior to the start of the
class. Families will be notified what the two novels are after registration.
Course date: June 29-July 30 (Tuesday/Thursday @10:00am-12:00pm; Friday @10:00-11:00 am )
Teacher: Jeff Wenger
Course Cost: $1100/course/5 weeks

#2: For students who are entering 10th grade or beyond: Introduction to Honors Humanities
This course will help prepare students for a rigorous study of English in their 10th grade year. As 10th grade Honors classes tend to have higher expectations for students in terms of their analytical and writing skills, we will be focusing on becoming more thorough and sharper in our thinking. We will focus on direct instruction of reading difficult texts (annotating, connecting, finding deeper and more subtle elements of the text) and essay writing techniques (embedding text, adding voice, extending arguments). Students will read and study some representative 10th grade literary texts as well as non-fiction texts and arguments. The writing focus will be on the essay form—literary analysis and persuasive.
Course date: June 22-July 29 (Tuesday/ Thursday/ Friday) 1:00pm-3:00pm
Teacher: Bob McHeffey
Course Cost: $1200/course/6 weeks

#3: For students who are entering 12th grade: AP English Literature prospectus
This course will prepare students for AP English Literature and Composition (generally a 12th grade class). We will critically read representative literary texts of novel (1), short prose and poetry. We will learn to analyze these texts, how to break down the use of literary devices, and analyze the author’s purpose. As preparation for their next school year, students will be exposed to sample AP on-demand essay prompts and multiple choice tests and we will practice the skills necessary to do well in their 12th grade class, and hopefully the AP test in May.
Course date: June 21-July 28 (Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday) 1:00pm-3:00pm
Teacher: Bob McHeffey
Course Cost: $1200/course/6 weeks

#4: For students who are entering 12th grade: College Essay Coaching:
This course offers one-on-one coaching. Students (and their parents, if they wish to attend) will meet with Mr. Wenger to develop a strategy for writing as many as 20 different college essays. From June 23, 2021 through January 5, 2022, Mr. Wenger will work with students through the process of planning, drafting, and revising their essays. Here is what the students can expect from Mr. Wenger: • Initially, I will give you some pre-writing activities that are intended to lay a foundation for some of your essays. • Once the pre-writing is complete, we will hold a 90-minute meeting on Zoom. Our focus will be on planning. We will develop a strategy for approaching your essays and determining what to say for each of the prompts. • I will read and comment on the essays you write in response to as many as 20 prompts or supplemental essays. You will share these essays with me on Google docs. I will offer feedback on as many as three drafts of each essay. Essays may range from as short as 50 characters to as long as 750 words. Barring emergencies, I will comment on the essays within 72 hours of receiving them, often much sooner. • We will hold up to three hours of additional Zoom discussions about your essays. This time may be broken down into as many 15- or 30-minute chunks as you need. During these meetings, we may discuss any of the following: planning your essays; your questions about the direction or content of your essays; your approach to the entirety of your essays; comments that I typed onto your essays; paths of revision, from diction and syntax to re-organization to removal and replacement. *NOTE: This process is beneficial only for students who are interested, engaged, and willing to put in the work. Mr. Wenger is not going to pressure students to write their essays; it is up to them, as aspiring college students, to take charge of this work themselves.
Teacher: Jeff Wenger
Cost: $1500/Student

(based on first come first serve basis)

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